Le cadeau idéal pour la période des fêtes, nos ensembles d'initiation à la poterie | Club terracotta

We want to free your mind

More than ever, we feel the need to unwind and take time for ourselves and believe us, keeping our hands busy brings our head to a much more serene state.

At Club terracotta, we want to be ambassadors of fun, creativity and benevolence and it is through pottery that we want to share our values ​​with you.

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  • Article du journal La Presse sur le lancement de la petite entreprise québécoise le Club terracotta, qui fabrique des kits de poterie sans tour et sans cuisson pour la maison!
  • Mitsou présente ses coups de coeurs de décembre et les kits de poterie pour s'initier à la maison du Club terracotta en font partie
  • Les ensembles de poterie DIY de l'entreprise québécoise Club terracotta font partie du guide cadeau du magazine d'architecture Ligne
  • Quoi faire le week end? Le magazine web Silo 57 vous propose de faire de la poterie à la maison avec le Club terracotta
  • Les ensembles de poterie du Club terracotta font partie du guide cadeau du magazine Chatelaine Canada

Get your hands dirty with us!

You've been to the end of your IG feed more times than you'd like to admit?

You tell yourself you should be doing something you love instead of loving something someone else did? Start pottery with us!

Club terracotta can in no way guarantee that your creations will be beautiful, but the happiness of pinching clay to create something real, yes! ✌🏽

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Get your hands dirty to free your mind

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  • Argile sans cuisson qui sèche à l'air idéale pour s'initier à la poterie | Club terracotta

    Everything you need to make pottery at home

    Our kits contain everything you need to get started in pottery. They allow you to create air dry pottery pieces, paint them white and seal them.

  • Produits du Québec | Club terracotta

    Products made in Quebec

    Clay and paint are carefully chosen and manufactured here, in Quebec. Flyers, stickers and boxes have been printed by small businesses here in Quebec, on recycled and recyclable paper or cardboard!

  • Se salir les mains pour se libérer l'esprit | Club terracotta

    Illustrated guide to introduce you to pottery

    To get your clay projects off to a good start, our kits contain an instruction guide with basic hand pottery techniques.

Looking for something fun? Organize a pottery night!

  • Treat yourself to a moment of calm

  • Give the gift that makes people smile

  • Strengthen the bonds between colleagues

  • Making this perfectly imperfect vase seen on Pinterest

  • Spending time with your besties

  • Occupy on a rainy day

  • Live a date out of the ordinary

  • Keep the kids busy

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