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Wondering what to do with clay? The possibilities are endless!

As the self-hardening clay is not fired, we cannot eat or drink in our pieces. But no worries, there are tons of things you can do in pottery without a wheel and without firing. The amazing thing about clay is that no matter what you create, it will be unique!
Here's what other people like you have done with their Terracotta Club kits. You can also visit our instagram page for more ideas ✌🏽.


Club terracotta | Coil terracotta vase   Club terracotta | Trinket dish   Club terracotta | Happy vase   Club terracotta / Déco boho DIY en argile   Club terracotta | Clay vase       Club terracotta | Home pottery   Club terracotta | assiette à bijoux en argile    Club terracotta | Porte bague cactus DIY en poterie   Club terracotta | Macrame hanger   Club terracotta | vase avec visage      Club terracotta | Boobie pots | Boobies planter   Club terracotta | Trinket dish | Vitruvi   Club terracotta | Vase et chandelier faits à la main en argile   

Club terracotta | Vase à fleurs séchées fait à la main en argile   Club terracotta | Pinch pot  Club terracotta  Petit pot à babioles   Club terracotta | Clay arch   Club terracotta | Trinket dish and vase   Club terracotta | Bud vase   Club terracotta | porte encens et main mystique   Club terracotta | Handmade Clay vase       Club terracotta | pinch pot   Club terracotta | Fox terrier en argile   Club terracotta | Clay vase 

I wanna make cool stuff in clay too!