10 projets d'argile à faire avec nos kits de poterie pour la maison

10 clay projects to make with our home pottery kits

Here we LOVE self-hardening clay. It is the ideal material to be able to practice pottery at home. With this type of clay, you do not need a kiln, a ceramic furnace that heats to over 1000 degrees and that is only found in pottery studios, because it dries in the open air. .

At Club Terracotta, we tested several self-hardening clays before finding one that we really liked, and several did not pass the test. The clay provided in our DIY home pottery kits had to be natural with a feel reminiscent of firing clay. Above all, it shouldn't have a chemical smell (like some we tested) and it should have a nice terracotta color, which turns a nice pale brown as it dries. In short, a quality clay!

Although this type of clay does not allow us to make objects in which we can drink or eat, a bunch of projects remain possible.

Here are 10 projects to make with self hardening clay :

1. Face jewelry plate

Club terracotta | clay Face jewelry plate

2. Boho wall decor

Club terracotta | diy clay Boho wall decor

3. Cactus ring holder

Club terracotta | DIY clay Cactus ring holder

4. Greek vase

Club terracotta | DIY greek vase

5. Matching trinket plate and pot

Club terracotta | clay trinket dish and pot

6. Textured vases for dried flowers

Club terracotta | clay Textured vases for dried flowers

7. cactus pot

Club terracotta | Clay cactus pot

8. Cat bowl

Club terracotta | DIY cat bowl

9. Boobie pots

Club terracotta | DIY clay boobie pot

10. Coil vase

Club terracotta | Coil vase

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