3 façons d'utiliser les ensembles de poterie du Club terracotta l'été

3 Ways to Use Terracotta club Pottery kits in the Summer

The sun is shining and the softening of sanitary rules makes us want to see our friends and family, to do something new. We have just the perfect thing for you: nothing like a creative moment to reconnect with our social life and enter into deep discussions with those we have missed the most.

Today, we offer you different activities to use our DIY pottery kits and have a good time!

1. Clay and cocktails night

Club terracotta | Soirée entre amis à faire de la poterie

A 5 to 7? A birthday? An evening with friends? Nothing beats a well-prepared evening to fully enjoy the rays of the sun that stretch out in summer. And why not get your hands dirty with your gang of friends to add to the fun?

Set up a shady spot outside: a table where everyone can sit or a space on the floor. Set up a few lamps for the mood and decorate as you wish. You can also add some vases to inspire you in your pottery confections. Make sure you have enough space for everyone to work on their piece. Place a few small bowls of water to lightly moisten the clay when needed. Play your favorite summer album and prepare cocktails (with or without alcohol). You are now ready for the perfect little reunion evening with friends.

2. An afternoon with your parents

Club terracotta | Après-midi poterie en famille

We are used to drop by our parents for a coffee, or for dinner, but do we really organize activities with our biggest fans? SHow up to their house on a Saturday afternoon with a Terracotta club Pottery Kit to surprise them. You will be surprised of the quality of the time you will spend together and the discussions that will emerge from this different and creative activity. Careful, you might have just found the perfect way to reconnect with them!

Hey ho! And parents, you can also surprise your kids with a DIY pottery kit as an excuse to spend time with them. We guarantee you an afternoon out of the ordinary that will do you all good.

3. Clay date

Club terracotta | Clay date | Soirée d'amoureux à faire de la poterie

Whether it's for a new post-confinement date (Hello, it's been over a year since we have met new people in person) or to spend even more time with your lover, a pottery date is ideal for that special moment without putting too much pressure on yourself. Exit the "ackward" moments of silence with this new person: a lack of discussion can pass for a moment of concentration on the piece you are building. In addition, the subjects will not miss once your hands get dirty with damp clay.

You spent all the confinement with your loved one and your own deconfinement is not going as fast as that of public health? No problem, a DIY pottery kit delivered to your house and bye bye Netflix. The Terracotta Club offers you a different and creative lovers' evening. What better way to connect than by creating something unique? Ok ok, just admit that you have the Ghost scene in mind right now!

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